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First MARES mask made in Pula – Croatia

Not so many people know how Mares started his career and how he came to the point in which his name become the most recognizable brand that immediately reminds of diving. It all started in Pula – Istria – Croatia on 10.02.1898. when Ludovico Maresh was born in Lissa Strasse Street. He was baptized one month after his birth in Pulas Cathedral with the name of Ludovicus Franciscus Maresh. Ludwig, as his parents were calling him, was the first child in the family of the arsenal worker Vincent Maresh from the Czech Republic, who was seeking a job in Pula, part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, where Pula was the main Navy port of the Monarchy.

On the square of Portarata, in the area where was the metal and tool shop, a place where today is a hairdressing salon, was a twenty-one-year-old Ludovico who made his first diving mask out from the car tire and rounded cut glass. In 1925, Ludovico Mares began designing the first “underwater instruments” including better diving masks and rifles to share the passion for the sea and scuba diving. He worked as a diver in the Austro-Hungarian Navy during the First World War, but he translocated to Italy during the Second World War. Finally, Mares S.p.A. was born in Rapallo in 1949 and quickly became a small industrial company in which sales increased continuously and ideas for new and better products never failed. In the late sixties, when the passion for underwater grew in the world, Mares expanded into the European diving and snorkeling market.

In 1971 it was purchased by the American AMF group. Between 1978 and 1982, Mares won an undisputed title of world leader in the fins market. Today, all modern diving fins are made using the plastic materials invented by Mares. Mares has also invented and patented the DFC system that ensures a constant air flow even under extreme conditions; the Tri-Material high-pressure valve, made of three materials (brass, soft polyurethane, and high strength polyurethane), provides excellent reliability. Mares has introduced other important features such as the VAD system that reduces the effort required to inhale, the Mesch Grid system prevents automatic dispensing in the presence of heavy currents without the need for modifiers of the regulator.

Mares instinctively reminds of the summer and becomes a synonym for diving and enjoying in the depths of the sea. It is a little known, that a talented young man from Pula, Ludovico Mares, founder, and owner of a company that thanks to his inventions and patents became the most famous diving equipment manufacturer in the world.