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It all started in 2014 in a small diving center in Croatia where love and passion for diving connected two people. He was a young and serious student with an unconditional love for the sea, and she was an artist with the desire to become an underwater archeologist. She had dived for only a few years while he had nearly 10 years of experience. But the desire to know better and more was unstoppable so she started working at the diving center. Together they discovered diving locations on the Croatian coast and talked to friends about them. When they tried to show their friends everything Croatia has to offer as a wonderful diving destination, they could not find the answers in one place. Croatia has become one of the most desirable destinations in the world for its historical sights, gastronomy, culture, nature, and diving. Croatia is still an undiscovered “World diving destination” that has plenty of world history and heritage under the surface.  Love and passion for diving in Croatia and the Croatian sea, are passed to their friends, and the desire is to bring this magic to other divers around the world as well. With that desire, a couple from the beginning of the story opened an agency, covering the whole Croatia where they personally work with the owners of diving centers and provide accommodation for the best possible diving vacation in Croatia.

DiveLux members

Henrik Spanhake


He was studying law but his passion for the sea was always bigger. Any free time outside the law office, where he has been working for many years, he used to go underwater or close to it just by sitting on the beach and dreaming how to become a captain. He started diving as a little boy with his family and till today he has been escaping underwater whenever he can. A serious jurist became a smiley diver who is so diligent to work on a dream, a dream to share his love and knowledge for diving with others. He speaks German and English fluently and he is learning Croatian and Italian as well. When he is not underwater, you will find him completely concentrated in front of the computer working and brainstorming some new ideas.

E-mail: henrik@dive-lux.com

Phone: +49/176 4587 2495

(German and English)

Antonela Tony Laganis


She has finished the Art School for violin, piano, and fashion design. After school, she worked in film production for a few years in sectors of production and direction, but when she was introduced to diving the love began. Until today she has worked in numerous diving centers with so many students from all around the globe. She enjoys sharing the experiences with all her students, from the funny to the most serious ones. She speaks eight languages,  five fluently – Croatian, Slovenian, English, Italian and Spanish, 3 a bit less – Russian, Danish and Swahili and she is learning German. It doesn’t matter where she is, DiveLux office, diving center or home, she sings and dance all the time while spreading good vibrations around.

E-mail: tony@dive-lux.com

Phone: +385/98 9966 080

(English, Italian, Slovenian, Croatian and Spanish)