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Discover scuba diving – Try Dive

Never tried scuba diving before? But you have always thought about trying it to see how it feels under the surface? Or dreamed of flying underwater?  Then a “Try Dive” is just perfect for you! You will experience the amazing feeling similar to the astronaut´s weightlessness just surrounded by beautiful marine life. Scuba diving is such a relaxing activity in which the stress remains above the surface while you enjoy the mesmerizing area.

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How does it work?

This is a quick introduction to the underwater world without any official qualification. First, with diving center staff, you have to try a few masks, BCs (jackets) and suits until you get the perfect equipment you need for your first dive. After you get your diving gear the instructor will explain you the basics of scuba diving. Every diving center has his own way of doing it, but the three main things are always the same:

  • Learn how to breathe underwater – slowly and deeply
  • Learn how to equalize the pressure in your ears
  • Learn the basic hand signals in order to communicate underwater

Ones the steps are done, the dive begins. The instructor will deflate your BC to start your underwater adventure and will take you up to 7 meters depth for 20-30 minutes. In the beginning will be strange to breath underwater cause is not a natural state, but after just a few minutes you´ll get along with it and the feeling of pure relax will take over. During a Try Dive, you will discover a new world, the underwater world which is much bigger and richer than you ever expected. Don´t worry, the instructor will help you with everything, but be careful! Why careful? Cause many of you will fall in love with diving and is a kind of love that never disappears ;).

From 50€

NOTEFor a “Try Dive” you need to be at least 8 years old due to lung development. Younger children are not suitable to take part in diving because their bodies haven’t developed enough to deal with the pressures so wait until they are a little older.

HINT: “Try Dive” is a great original present for your beloved ones and they will remember it forever!

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